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About Us



OKI Printed Circuit is a member of the OKI Group who positively challenges unexplored areas with the "spirit of enterprise" since its founding in 1881.

We aim to contribute to the realization of a comfortable and affluent life for the people of the world by providing products that lead to the development of the information society. We regard the most important theme is to provide products that satisfy our customers.

To that goal, we must constantly respond to changes in the market with a sense of speed and continue to provide new value by leveraging our technical and manufacturing capabilities.

We will continue to pursue new high-performance, high-function, high-quality printed circuit boards at the OKI Printed Circuits in order to further increase the added value of electronic equipment.

In addition, we would like to be such "Manufacturing Companies" that each employee maximizes its capabilities, achieving one's own goals one by one, which leads to providing products that can satisfy our customers.

Towards the future we will continue to aim to become a trusted global partner from customers around the world.

Masahiko Morioka
OKI Printed Circuits Co., Ltd.

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