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Products and Services

We leverage our long experience in our core technologies to develop high-detail/high-precision multilayer boards and products integrating them (e.g. functional module boards). In manufacturing, we have built a digital flexible production line based on a production quality-control system we developed in-house. This line has won us high praise for our ability to quickly meet the needs of our customers, as they move to increasingly large product lines, smaller lots, and ultra-short delivery cycles.


Impedance Controlled Multilayer Printed Boards

Leveraging our massive database, we propose printed boards with structures best suited to our customers’ designs.

Semiconductor Testing Boards

We offer semiconductor testing boards, supporting from the background the reliable quality of continually evolving semiconductor devices, including probe cards, performance boards, DUT boards, and burn-in boards.

Hiper Via

We eliminate the wiring capacity bottleneck with UV-YAG laser micro-vias.

Heavy Copper Multilayer Boards

Providing heavy copper etching and layering technologies.


Express Board Service

We have a selection of express services.

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